Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™

Changemakers boosting greater wealth, health, knowledge & opportunities, together. Hey #boostfriend!

Press Play for a BOOST from Kwanza to YOU!


Talented human pushing you to do better, while you do the same for others. 
A Boost Friend is like your good friend and trusted mentor rolled into one. You may have a best friend, but do you have a #BoostFriend?

Let’s face it. There’s a lot that’s wrong out there in the world.  But, there are lots of good things too.

That’s why my life's work is to boost humans and humanity. That's why I say, I am SUPERCHARGED.  And that’s what my Boost Friend's community is all about. 

You, me, we, US… together. Boosting each other. Helping to create a space where people can thrive and live fulfilling lives.

So we’ve been blazing our own path over here and putting in work to help change the world for the better. 

And, yes, we’ve got the receipts. In support of our commitment to education, empowerment, equity and entrepreneurship, more than $200MM+ has been invested in diverse founders, entrepreneurs, organizations, and allies doing impactful work.

This isn't something new for us. It's what we've been doing for years.

I understand the power of a strong network and I'm here to help expand yours. 

That’s why the Kwanza Jones Boost Friend Community exists. For those like you. The ones who want to change the world. The ones hungry for more. The ones ready to make a real difference (not just look the part for social media).

You want to do good and be better. You want to continuously improve. You want to understand more.

We create shared experiences so you can connect casually, create bonds, and connect to a new type of friend.

We're opening up our doors so you can join us. Like I always say, no one succeeds alone... sometimes you need a boost.

Right about now, that’s something we could all use. Join us, today. 

Kwanza Jones, Founder & CEO